henkako tribemart

Henkako as always been working to bring the best of internet to all the people living in non metro cities and towns. We are committed to create the same web based infrastructure for smaller towns as available in the metro cities. We have currently started serving people of at the iconic town of Ziro and we plan to bring the same magic of internet to Itanagar very soon! We are in talk with major business houses in the Itanagar city and soon the same e-commerce service shall be made available to the people of Itanagar. However, it is not the end. We are also initiating talks with major businesses in other North Eastern Cities. We are North East India based company and we already have the advantage of being the local and we are definitely going to take advantage of the same to establish a robust infrastructure involving local businesses. Our logic is simple, "if we have what it takes locally, why look anywhere else?".

Join the revolution called "henkako" together let us transform the North Eastern India by building up the true smart network of businesses. 

Future is Online

Future is online

Online business is the future

Up untill now, brick and mortar stores were the standard for a business owners. But not anymore, business world has changed and for good. The greatest advantage has gone to small traders who were confined to few small towns, now they have access to the world. Many believe the advent of ecommerce is somehow detrimental to the small traders, but the fact seems to contradict this belief.

Energy by being green

Fossil fuel has driven the world ever since it combustion was developed as a technology. However, it has taken a huge toll on the environment ever since. Regardless of the current rhethorics from the world leader tagging global warming as a "hoax", rest of the world is still working towards cleaning up it's share of air and help preserve the delicate balance that keeps our "only" Earth habitable.

Going Green and reducing Carbon footprint

Energy infrastructures

Decarbonization is an infrastructure problem, the largest one humanity has ever faced. It involves not only energy production, but also transportation, lighting, heating, cooling, cooking and other basic systems and services. The global fossil fuel infrastructure includes not only oil and gas wells, coal mines, giant oil tankers, pipelines and refineries, but also millions of automobiles, gas stations, tank trucks, storage depots, electric power plants, coal trains, heating systems, stoves and ovens.

Nature for our future