About us

The Company

Henkako Technologies Private Limited, was incorporated under Companies Act 2013, on 15th September 2016. We began with a vision to serve technology to the people of the North East India in specific and India in general. We are working to bring the latest in green technologies, not just to create wonderful products and services but also to create employment opportunities in the region.

Henkako vision in "short"

Create environmentally aware products and services to enhance our lives, while preserving the nature for our younger generations. "Green is clean".

Henkako e-commerce products

We are also heavily invested in the ecommerce services and we provide various ecommerce tools to run your businesses online. We state of the art online store packages to get your business online. For details on all our plans visit our portal here.

Major business interests

We have experts in the field of green energy and allied products. We are planning an investment on setting up manufacturing unit for Eco friendly lighting systems. With a vision to spread the awareness for green energy and build innovative green products.